Laurence M. Kelly Jr., Psy. D.

Clinical Psychologist

Education and Experience:

Dr. Laurence “Larry” M. Kelly Jr. graduated from the Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology in 2010, with a Doctorate of Psychology (PsyD). Dr. Kelly has earned a doctorate, two master’s degrees, and a bachelor’s degree, all in the fields of psychology. He has amassed experience working with children, adolescents, and adults by working at community mental health clinics, inpatient psychiatric hospitals, and college counseling centers. Dr. Kelly became licensed as a clinical psychologist with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in 2011, and in the State of New Hampshire in 2016. 

Police and Fire Testing

Dr. Kelly has been specializing in the administration of Pre-Employment Post-Offer Psychological Evaluations (PEPOPES) for over seven years, and belongs to the Psychological Services Section of the International Association of the Chiefs of Police (IACP). He currently works with over 70 police, fire, and sheriff’s departments across both Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Dr. Kelly has administered over 1,000 pre-employment evaluations, and dozens of Fitness-for-Duty Evaluations in his tenure. Dr. Kelly provides the psychological testing that meets both urban and local landscapes within all of the public safety fields.  He prides himself on providing prompt, evidence-based, accurate, and pertinent information that departments require to ensure that they have the right candidates for the job. Welcome Letter for Police and Fire Departments.

Therapy with Children, Adolescents, and Adults

As a psychologist, Dr. Kelly specializes in working with children ages 3.5-12, adolescents (ages 13-18), emerging adults (ages 18-25), and adults (25+). Dr. Kelly treats anxiety (social phobia, panic attacks, anxiety attacks), depression (depressive symptoms), spectrum disorders (Autism, Asperger's Disorder), men’s issues, trauma (PTSD), self-harm, ADHD, and grief/loss. See Dr. Kelly mentioned in the Boston Globe, here.

Therapeutic Approach

Dr. Kelly believes that each client brings their own set of beliefs, pain, and problems to therapy, and therefore, they deserve an individualized approach. By treating the entire person, and not just the symptoms, Dr. Kelly believes that any person, child, or teen can heal, stabilize, and thrive. His optimistic approach helps adults feel safe, children feel contained, and teens feel heard. Dr. Kelly specializes in combining cutting edge evidence based techniques with comprehensive personalized care, which all adds up to make a truly unique therapeutic environment.