What is depression? What are the symptoms? What are the signs that I'm depressed?

Sadness, Loss, and that terrible feeling.

Depression is an insidious force, it not only tells us that we're broken, but it tells us that we're the only person in the entire world that has ever felt that way. Depression is a liar, a cheat, and it takes on a life of itself sometimes. Depression tells you, "No. You can't. Don't bother." And, it tells you to isolate, be alone, and hide. Drs. Larry and Melissa know that depression is incredibly common, with some estimates saying that 25% of the adult population struggles with major depression at least once in their lives. Depression is strong, but not as strong as having someone tell you that you're normal, healthy, and it's all going to be okay. Drs. Larry and Melissa pride themselves on their ability to treat depression, and other mood based illnesses.