Zachary Cohen, MA

Doctoral Advanced Practicum Student,

Education and Experience

Zachary Cohen is a mental health practitioner in his third year of training in the Doctorate of Clinical Psychology (PsyD) program at William James College. He previously completed four years of undergraduate study in psychology at Marist College before obtaining an MA in Professional Psychology from William James College two years later. During Zachary’s almost decade of involvement in the field of psychology he has worked with children, adolescents, and adults throughout the lifespan with a broad variety of presenting problems, from ADHD to PTSD. Zachary has trained in a number of different settings, including mental health clinics, hospitals, and community health centers. Through these experiences, Zachary has cultivated a therapeutic style that combines warmth, empathic understanding, and evidence-based intervention to provide quality care to clients in a way that works for them.


Therapy with Children, Adolescents, and Adults

Zachary has experience and interest in working with clients of all ages, but he is especially passionate about working with adolescents (ages 13-18) and adults (ages 18+). He has accumulated a wealth of experience working with individuals experiencing post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, social and generalized anxiety, and panic disorders.


Therapeutic Approach

Zachary believes that effective psychological treatment lies at the junction between the arts of connection and empathy and the science of evidence-based practice. Zachary addresses each client’s needs with individualized treatment by providing an eclectic approach that combines the best of humanistic, psychodynamic, systems, and cognitive-behavioral therapies, as well as utilizing motivational interviewing techniques to empower the individual to become their own agent of change. As a result of this empowerment-based approach, he believes in the clinician and client working together to determine the most effective course of treatment. By providing a warm, holding environment, Zachary helps people of all ages to find the courage to be vulnerable and, ultimately, to thrive.

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